Our Staff

Envoy Virtual's staff has been hand-picked and carefully selected to bring our members a unique experience. They are dedicated to helping the community grow in aviation knowledge and creating a relaxing environment by encouraging community involvment and a stress-free environment.

ENY0001 | Andrew E.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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ENY0002 | Dimitri P.

Chief Operating Officer

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ENY0003 | Luke P.

Chief Information Officer & Community Outreach

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ENY0004 | Vacant

Chief Financial Officer


ENY0005 | David T.

Human Resources Director

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ENY0006 | Vacant


ENY0007 | Vacant

North District Manager


ENY0008 | Vacant

South District Manager

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ENY0009 | Vacant

ORD Lead Station Agent


ENY0010 | Vacant

DFW Lead Station Agent


ENY0011 | Algernon L.

LGA Lead Station Agent

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ENY0012 | Derek S.

MIA Lead Station Agent

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