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Envoy Virtual is Back!


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After a three month long hiatus, Envoy Virtual is back! Envoy Virtual's Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Evans, gives more details. "We at Envoy Virtual realized that we were not in a good place with where the Virtual Airline was. We needed to make changes, so we decided to temporarily shut down to focus on restructuring and focusing on having newer, better features for our members." New features include the new website and new modules including a screenshot gallery, an events center, and a tour center. Other features include a new Crew Center, easier routes and schedule searching, and more!

Upgrades In The Works


Photo Credit: Luke S.

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Along with the new website, Envoy Virtual has other upgrades planned and in the works. Envoy Virtual Website Development representative (insert here) explains. "Envoy Virtual is always wanting to keep up with new features that will benefit their members the most. Because of this, we are working on various upgrades to our systems. We will give more details as upgrades come along."

Envoy Virtual is Turning Two!


Envoy Virtual is turning two! Come join our Birthday Bash as we fly from our Headquarters in Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) to Wichita, Kansas (ICT)! Prizes will be given out upon arrival into Wichita for best landing rate, best screenshot, and generally for the birthday bash! Sign up at https://www.envoyvirtual.com/events/birthdaybash today!