Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport, is located on just over 3,000 acres of land near Downtown Miami, and serves as a gateway into the United States. Airlines such as American, United, Spirit, and Delta all have an intense focus on Miami as one of their airports they utilize for domestic and international routes.


The Miami International Airport covers 3,230 acres of land, and is located 8 miles Northwest of Downtown Miami.

The airport has over 1,000 daily flights to over 160 destinations.

About the Hub

Why MIA?

  • Miami is a great hub for those who enjoy coastal flights, and the warmer weather that Miami brings with it.
  • The Miami hub also tends to be the one that receives the most activity with event hosting, due to its popular short route to medium route times to various destinations.
  • Miami serves many smaller cities with regionals, such as Key West, Pensacola, etc. and allows you to connect to other tourist cities or to other major hubs via a regional or mainline flight.
  • Want to know more about the Maimi Airport, or Miami in general? Read more at for more information about the city. For more information about the airport, visit

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