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Our Vision

Envoy Virtual strives to be a virtual airline where its members can enjoy the flight simulation hobby, the modeling of the operations of an extremely large regional airline, as well as grow in their general knowledge regarding aviation.

Our Mission Statement

Envoy Virtual strives to be a regional airline where its members can enjoy the flight simulation hobby, the modeling of operations of an extremely large regional airline, as well as grow in their aviation knowledge in general. We strive to be a safe community, where race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. are NOT a factor in one’s membership status with us. Envoy Virtual is an equal opportunity group and does not allow the discrimination of ANY of its members, including upper staff.

Our Goal

Envoy Virtual’s goal is to continue to grow as a Virtual Airline and aviation community and continue to operate based on Envoy Air, Inc.’s operationsas well as becoming known for our core values, mission statement, visions, and also the inner unity within our community of fellow aviators.

Like what you see? Have questions about us? Feel free to contact us at contactus@envoyvirtual.com.

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  • Up to date routes and fleet – We have up to date routes that are updated for our members monthly to reflect the routes that Envoy Air flies. Our fleet list includes every single aircraft that Envoy Air has and operates.
  • Exceptionally professional staff - Envoy Virtual has extremely professional staff, who also like to create a fun environment for those they oversee. They have been handpicked by our Human Resources team and been determined to be extreme assets to the group and to its members.
  • New and Improved Technology - We have new and improved technology here at Envoy Virtual, from a new website to an improved Crew Center with new features and added perks, Envoy Virtual has it all!
  • A 'Career' like no other - At Envoy Virtual, your time as a pilot or a staff member will be unique and catered towards you entirely, and completely different than what any other Virtual Airline has to offer.
  • Quality Fleet - Envoy Virtual operates the aircraft best catered towards regional operations; the Embraer family aircraft. Envoy Virtual operates 3 Embraer ERJ-140LR aircraft, 58 Embraer ERJ145LR aircraft, 6 Embraer ERJ170 LR aircraft, and 100 Embraer ERJ175LR aircraft.
  • Extreme Realism - We model as closely as possible the operations of Envoy Air, from routes and aircraft flown to captain upgrade times, we strive to model as closely as possible the operations of biggest regional airline of American Airlines.
  • Easy Rank Progression - At Envoy Virtual, we make it easy to climb the ranks by providing lots of flight opportunities and ways to upgrade your rank.
  • Events - We love to host events, whether it be out of one of our hubs, or into a smaller regional airport with a difficult approach, Envoy Virtual caters events towards its members preferences and enjoyed destinations.
  • Member Relations –Member Relations are a vital aspect of our organization, and without the focus on our members, there's no point in our group. We strive to treat our members with respect and also as someone who enjoys aviation or the community. Feel free to contact us at memberrelations@envoyvirtual.com.
  • Envoy Virtual Cadet program - New to all things Virtual Airline, VATSIM, or Aviation related? No worries, we have just the program for you. If you are new to aviation or flight simulation and need help figuring everything out, feel free to reach out ot us at cadet@envoyvirtual.com.
  • Partners - We are a proud partner of VATSIM.Check out our other partners at https://www.envoyvirtual.com/partners.
  • Crew Bases - Envoy Virtual has hubs in Charlotte (CLT), Chicago (O' Hare), Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW), Miami (MIA), Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX), and Washington, D.C (DCA), with easy 'commuting' into and out of base.
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